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Postnatal Services

Mumma and baby Bump Photoshoot

All stages of babyhood have their own special brand of magic. The first stage is the true newborn from birth to about 14 days. At this stage, the baby is fragile yet miraculous and still retains its womb-like behaviour of curling tightly and sleeping anywhere.

From 14 days to 12 weeks, your baby still has the distinctive newborn look but is gradually becoming more alert and aware of the world, building a connection with you through smiles, eye contact and physical bonding. In this phase, your newborn is often awake for a lot of the photo shoot although we can also capture some gorgeous sleeping shots as well.

Newborns have the gift of sleeping with intense concentration regardless of their surroundings, so we can pose them in a range of natural positions – snuggled within a textured wrap, on big brother's lap, over your arm or across your chest. Throughout the shoot, we will capture those fleeting dream-like smiles, contentment, yawns and chuckles.

The newborn photography session usually goes for about 2 to 3 hours. There is no time limit to the photo session, allowing your newborn to set the pace, so you and your baby both stay relaxed and have fun together. There is plenty of time to take a break whenever your newborn wants a feed or needs to be settled.

What We Offer
  • Professional photographers specially trained for baby and mother shoot.
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